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18 February 2017:

Unfortunately, the new PaleoSeti Magazine Issue 11 will be delayed until at least end of March. We will keep you updated and thanks for your patience.

18 December 2016:

Some readers reported compatibility issues with the Flash version of PaleoSeti Magazine for mobile devices. In order to make PaleoSeti Magazine accessible for as many devices as possible, we dropped the flash version starting with Issue 10 and offer the PDF version only. Existing links and embeds are not affected.

Your PaleoSeti Magazine Team.

30 November 2016:

The wait will soon be over! Issue 10 of PaleoSeti Magazine will be available December 9th.

Your PaleoSeti Magazine Team.

30 August 2016:

The wait will soon be over! Issue 9 of PaleoSeti Magazine will be available September 9th.

Your PaleoSeti Magazine Team.

22 June 2016:

The wait will soon be over! Issue 8 of PaleoSeti Magazine will be available June 30, 2016.

Your PaleoSeti Magazine Team.

28 December 2015:

Hi everybody, you are all probably wondering "What ever happened to the Fall 2014 Issue of PaleoSeti Magazine?
Well, it's in the works and we are hoping to publish it within the next weeks. This was a busy year for us, with lots happening.
But we are alive and kicking :). We promise to streamline our workload in 2016, so we can keep closer to our publishing timelines.
Your PaleoSeti Magazine Team.
1 August 2015:

Hi everybody, Summer is a busy time and issue 6 of Paleoseti Magazine will be a bit delayed, but will get published sometime in August. We will keep you updated and thanks for your patience! Cheers! Herbert
27 April 2015:

Issue 5 of Paleoseti Magazine is just around the corner. We are in the final stages of editing and the new Issue will be published the first week of May. Stay tuned.
19 January 2015:

Issue 4 - Winter 2014/2015 of PaleoSeti Magazine is in its last editing stages. It will be available within this week. Thanks again for your patience! 
25 December 2014:

Issue 4 - Winter 2014/2015 of PaleoSeti Magazine is slightly delayed. It will be available early January 2015. Thanks for your patience and Merry Christmas all aorund the world. 
27 July 2014:

The new issue of PaleoSeti Magazine is just around the corner and in its final editing stages. .
1 June 2014:

Added page Sundial Medicine Wheel, Alberta, Canada. Includes rare aerial and infrared images.
23 April 2014:

Update on the Biohazard suits page with new photos and descriptions.
  • I'm proud to announce PaleoSeti Magazine that will accompany the website. It's an E-Magazine that will be published quarterly. With the magazine you can enjoy some of the content of off line on your Laptop, Smartphone or Tablet.

23 May 2013:

Josef Eisengruber 1949-2013

A sad year for us, as my dad Josef passed away after long illness. My dad inspired me and introduced me to the PaleoSeti Theory. He was an avid but very private researcher interested in many fields like ancient coins and their connections to the ancient astronaut theory. During my childhood years he photographed many unusual items in museums all over the world. Some of the items presented on this website are based on his finds namely the Sea-Doos in ancient Peru and the curious object in the museum of Samos.

Josef Eisengruber

  • 07 Jan 2009:
  • Knapp ein Jahr war nicht mehr am Netz :( Jetzt ist die Webseite wieder online.
    Was ist passiert? Ich bin 2008 umgezogen und lebe jetzt in Calgary, Alberta. Ich hatte einfach keine Zeit im letzten Jahr, mich um die Seite zu kuemmern. Jetzt 2009 versuche ich mis zu bessern und die Seite oefter mit updates zu versehen. Auch ist eine englische Uebersetzung geplant.
  • 14.03.2003:
    Provider wurde gewechselt. Da immer weiter waechst, musste ich mehr Websapce anmieten. Dadurch sollte die gesamte page jetzt auch etwas schneller laufen.