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PaleoSeti Magazine Issue 21

Are there traces of contact between humans and astronauts from outer space in ancient times?
Was there a
"Lost Civilization" in the dawn of humankind? Or both? That's what this site is all about. What seems like a somewhat strange quest at first, is a very valid question after a closer, second look.

The theory of extraterrestrial contacts in the past is not new or recent. Erich von Daeniken published his book "Chariots of the gods" in 1968 which caused a major stirr-up in the scientific and popular culture. Very few other books were received with so much praise and - equallly - so much dismay and critizism. Even before von Daeniken's book there were some authors that proposed the ancient astronaut theory. Robert Charroux and Wladislav Saizev just to name a few.

This site presents the results of more then 30 years of research in the field and travels around the globe to ancient places. If you want to know more about the Ancient Astronaut Theory (Paleo-Seti Theory), please read our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page by clicking here.

For the last 6 years I publish PaleoSeti Magazine, a PDF magazine. 

My biggest hope is that this page will encourage other people to go out, do research, and look at the ancient sites. Travel the world! It's the best you can do for your mind and soul.

Please use the buttons on the left side of the page to navigate this page. As a non native English speaker would like to apologize for gramar mistakes within these pages. Also many pages are still being translated from the German language, please be patient as I still work on them.  

Have fun exploring the world. It's an awesome place!

Herbert Eisengruber

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