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The best proof for visits of the "Gods"?

Is there proof for a visit of extraterrestrials in the past of human history?
This question is difficult to answer, because some skeptics only accept one kind of proof (I had to find that out in many discussions over the years): The discovery of an extraterrestrial artifact during an archeological excavation. If that would be the only valid method for finding the truth in all fields of science we wouldn't have come very far. In the field of law enforcement this would be especially fatal, as many criminals would walk free.
There is a case to be made for circumstancial evidence, though. And some of this evidence I would like present here in several ever expanding  articles.

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Archaeological Mysteries

To make one thing perfectly clear: No, I don't say that the following ancient sites have been built by ET's!
The ancient people did that themselves. The questions are "Why did they built what they built and how?" and "Did they have help with planning and tools?". I get quite a few emails from critics that acuse me of misjudging the ancient people. They tell me that the ancient people were not stupid and capable of great achievements. I don't dispute that, on the contrary. If you look at things like the Mechanism of Antikythera, the awesome inventions of Heron of Alexandria, or some of the ancient Chinese inventions, you can understand that the ancients were just as smart as we are today.
But there are ancient sites that are truely strange. They seem to have no "natural evolution". They are just there without any precursor. And some of them are even stranger, because the older they are the more technically advanced they seem. Reverse evolution, how crazy is that!
See, everything we know had a natural development. Take the computer for example: First there was the abacus, then the calculator, the Commodore 64 - very speedy evolution here ;) - and now we have the dual core multimedia wonders of today. Wouldn't it be strange if the industry would have given us the I-Mac right away, without all the other stuff first? In archaeology you can find stuff just like that. And that's were everything get's really interesting!


The lines and figures of Nazca in Peru are among the biggest mysteries in world. You can only be fully viewed from the sky in an airplane. Some of the lines are up to 27km long and run straight over hills and mountains. There even is 'El-Astronauta' to greet the "visitors". Intrigued? Click on the photo to learn more...

Tiahuanacu (Tiwanacu), Puma Punku/Bolivia

The Stone works of Thiahuanacu (Tiwanacu) in Bolivia are out of this world! Literally? In my opinion the technology used to carve those stones equals modern techniques. 

The mysterious rock carvings above Saqusayhuaman, Cuzco, Peru

This place will leave the visitor breath- and speechless! And not just because of the high altitude...

The Inca-walls of Saqusayhuaman, Cuzco, Peru

Titanic stones set together in way that can't even replicated with modern technology. What tools and technology was used here and why?

The Pyramid of Kukulkan in Chichen Itza, Mexico

Where the ancient Maya put their history in stone for us. 

The worldwide megalithic culture. The stoneage revisited.

Stones that weigh many tonnes and are perfectly aligned astronomically. Everywhere on earth. They are witness to an ancient knowledge that we can even begin to understand today. Every year independent and established researchers find new stones all over the world. Largely unnoticed by the public these silent witnesses are among the biggest mysteries of human kind.

This section is not yet finished. Stay tuned.

Photo courtesy of "The Naked Archaeologist" - Vision TV Canada productions

The mystery of the ancient stone giants.

Cyclopic stone giants weighing several hundred tons used by ancient people all over the world. The older a site is the bigger the stones. A mystery that makes even modern construction workers wonder.

Worldwide similarities in rock carvings and paintings.

This section is not yet finished. Stay tuned. 

The Mystery of the deformed skulls


Other worldwide symbolism and similarities among ancient cultures

This section is not yet finished. Stay tuned. 

The Voladores

This section is not yet finished. Stay tuned. 

Ancient Technologies

Finds from all over the world that just don't fit in with conventional explanations. But if we look at them with modern eyes, they all over sudden make sense.

Biohazard suits in Antiquity

Microbes, obesity and Scientists from another world. 

The sarcophagus lid of Pakal the Great in Palenque, Mexico

A classic revisited. There is more to this as you might think.
Includes rare photos of the real thing.  

Virtual Reality in the past
Ezekiel and his "Visions"

This section is not yet finished. Stay tuned. 

The mystery of the Crystal Skulls

There is more to this than Indiana Jones and Spielberg are telling us.

"Sea-Doo's" in ancient Peru?
manned maneuvering unit "Manned maneuvering units" in the past?
A curious objekt in the museum of Samos, Greece
A copy of a rocket jet in a Museum in Lima, Peru?
Guadelupe The miraculous Tilma of Guadelupe

An amazing story of faith, miracles and ancient technology.

A curious "monster" from Columbia