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The worldwide Megalithic Culture

Megalithic structures are a worldwide phenomenon. They are the earliest structures built by man. Somehow the stoneage people managed to "coordinate" their structures and buildings not only by their looks but also by their functions and astronomical alignments.
Their precision and durability is mind blowing. Everytime our own culture makes technical advances, we learn more about those amazing ancient sites, which is an interesting fact in itself.

Some of the ancient buildings are being deliberately ignored by the official archeology, especially in North America. This has various reasons, some are certainly political.

I would like to present you some megalithic sites that you may or may not know. To me, the Megalithic Culture is a fine proof that our ancestors had contact with extraterrestrials in the past. With the following pages I would like to isllustrate that.

1. A worldwide phenomenon

If you think about stone circles and dolmen you immideately think about England and Stonehenge which is certainly one of the most prominent and popular ancient stone circle in the world. England has an impressive amount of ancient sites from the Megalithic period and to explore them all would take a lifetime alone. Excellent research has been done by many people and at the end of this article I will give you a list of interesting research material that will keep you occupied for a long time.
But England is just a small piece in a gigantic worldwide puzzle. It's certainly no surprise that other European countries also have many megalithic structures. Carnac in France a very mysterious place that leaves you breathless once you have seen it.
Many sites in Spain, Germany, Austria and Italy are lesser known, but equally impressive. Since the opening of the iron curtain more and more megalithic sites in eastern Europe come to light. In the Mediterranean there is the island of Malta, where you can find megalithic structures of epic proportions.
If we leave Europe we find megalithic structures and stone circles in Africa, Turkey and the Middle East.
What's lesser know are the Asian megaliths in the far east. Korea, Japan and China are a hotbed of Dolmens and Stone Circles.
I visited stone circles in South America and I found strong indications that many Maya and Inca structures well known today are built on Megalithic structures thousands of years older then the Pre-Columbian structures we admire today.

Surprisingly enough nothing official can be found regarding North American megalithic sites and structures.

As I had to find out with my own research, megaliths and megalithic sites in North America is one of the most disputed, ignored and supressed subjects in Archeology. While other countries would build museums around those sites, here they are a subject of ignorance and – in the end - silent destruction. At best they are seen as a curiosity to laugh about. But never the less they are here, in large numbers and they differ in nothing from their counterparts in other parts of the world, no matter if the official archeology wants to deal with them or not. For now it’s up to us amateurs to photograph and document what we can find.

2. A worldwide phenomenon