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High above the city of Cuzco lies the mythical Inca fortress "Saqsayhuaman". What you can see here is almost unbelievable. First there are the walls by themselves: No photo, no video or description can prepare you for them. Their size and the size of the rocks used are just fantastic. A text in a travelguide (one that has nothing to do with PaleoSeti, mind you!) tells it like it is: " ...but whoever saw the gigantic walls - built with gigantic stones, weighing many tonnes and fit into each other perfectly - with their own eyes, is just simply overwhelmed. At first sight the fortress Saqusayhuaman seems to be a creation of the titans built during the dawn of humankind. The lower wall - approx. 600m long - is the most fascinating I have ever seen in stone walls. How the ancients transported the stones - the biggest is 9x5x4m and weighs 350 tonnes - is still a mystery" 
Well I have nothing else to say...

Another sensation awaits above the fortress right across the field. Please scroll all the way down or click 
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The following six photos show the famous walls of the Inca fortress. How the Inca managed to fit the stones into each other that perfectly is still a mystery. There are many theories about it, but none really addresses all the problems.
An overview of the big walls (also the next photo): The walls are over 600m long.
Here you can nicely see how gigantic the walls really are. I'm standing in front of the wall and I'm dwarfed by it. (I'm 6 foot tall)
The precision how the super heavy stones are fit into each other takes your breath away. Even after all that time not even a credit card will fit between the stones. How was this achieved without hight technology?
If you turn around and turn your back to the great wall, you will see this rather plain hill. But this hill has some suprises for you! If you climb up you will enter a "wonderland" of stone masonry which cannot be explained without the assumption the ancient used high technology. Please click here or on the photo to step into this world of wonder.