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Welcome to PaleoSeti Magazine (ISSN 2292-8251) 

If you like, we would like to introduce you to PaleoSeti Magazine, an electronic magazine published in PDF format.

PaleoSeti Magazine is FREE!

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Current Issue 19

PaleoSeti Magazine Issue 19
 Issue 19
Oak Island -
Does it Radiate any Secrets?
Tiahuanaco's Aeronautical Model
Issue 19. Click here to download.

More available issues (Scroll down for the newest issues and click on the cover to download the magazine):

 Issue 1, Spring 2014
The Case for Ancient Astronauts - Part 1
Cuzco, Peru, Playground of the Titans
and more... 15 Pages
 Issue 1. Click here to download it.

 Issue 2, Summer 2014
Nazca - Signs for the Gods
Tiwanaco & Puma Punku - Mystery of the Andes
and more... 32 Pages
Issue 2. Click here to download..

Read Paleoseti Magazine Issue 3, 2014 Online
 Issue 3, Fall 2014
Palenque - Old Mystery - New discoveries
The Forbidden History of the Araucanos
and more... 43 Pages
Issue 3 . Click here to download.

 Issue 4, Winter 2014/2015
The enigmatic Megalithic culture of North America
El Enladrilado - Mystery in the Andes of Chile
and more... 42 Pages
Issue 4. Click here to download.

 Issue 5, Spring 2015
Teotihuacan - Where men become Gods
Biohzard Suits in the Past
The Secret of Guadalupe
and more... 40 Pages
Issue 5. Click here to download.

 Issue 6, Summer 2015
Chichen Itza
Crystal Skulls - Mystery solved?
The Sun Stone on the Coast of Chile
and more... 37 Pages
Issue 6. Click here to download.

 Issue 7
The Phenomenon of the Deformed Skulls
Traces of the Worlds Southernmost Calendar
The Amazing Visions of Ezechiel
and more... 32 Pages
Issue 7. Click here to download.

 Issue 8
What was the Feathered Serpent?
Teothiuacan - Secrets unlocked - Part 2
Mexico's Flying Men
and more... 30 Pages
Issue 8. Click here to download.

 Issue 9
Sacret Knots - Ancient Disk Drives?
Erich von Daniken - 50 Years "Chariots of the Gods"
PaleoSeti from 1877!
and more... 33 Pages
Issue 9. Click here to download.

 Issue 10
The Color of the Ancients - History's best kept Secret
What is Science?
The Gods of Terra Del Fuego
and more.... 35 Pages
Issue 10. Click here to download.

 Issue 11
Jade - The Stone of Kings
Antikythera Mechanism - Out of Place, Out of Time
Misunderstood Technology - Ancient Computer Terminals
and more... 30 Pages

Issue 11. Click here to download.

Galaktische Horizonte
 Our article in Issue 5 "The Secret of Guadelupe"
made it in to the newest book by Erich von Daeniken!
If you can read German, it is highly recommended!
Over twenty different authors from all over the world
share their research.

Click here for the link to Amazon

 Issue 12
The Silent Stones of Europe.
Follow us to little known Megalithic sites
in Germany and France.
Issue 12. Click here to download.

PaleoSeti Magazine Issue 13
 Issue 13
Bulletproof Glass for God.
Interview with
Erich von Däniken.
Issue 13. Click here to download.

PaleoSeti Magazine Issue 14
  Issue 14
The Tools of the Masters.
The Temple Hymns of Enheduanna.
El Enladrillado - Update on the Mystery of the Andes.
Issue 14. Click here to download.

PaleoSeti Magazine Issue 15
 Issue 15
Secrets of the Temple.
Pre-Columbian Fiber Optics?
Ancient UFOs over Patagonia.
Issue 15. Click here to download.

PaleoSeti Magazine Issue 16
 Issue 16
Expedition to the Amazon Region.
PaleoSeti Trip to South America - A Diary
Issue 16. Click here to download.

PaleoSeti Magazine Issue 17
 Issue 17
Of Stars and Sounds - Discoveries in Germany
The Skies above Nazca
New Thoughts on an Ancient Enigma
Issue 17. Click here to download.

PaleoSeti Magazine Issue 18
 Issue 18
Ancient Time Dilations - Fact or Fantasy?
Traces of the Gods in Western Canada
The Conic Headdress Mystery
Issue 18. Click here to download.