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Tips for do-it-yourself PaleoSeti research.

For 25 years I follow the footsteps of the Ancient Astronauts all over the world. You can read a dozen books about a place, but one visit gives you instantly more perspective then any book ever will. Only if you are physically there one can experience the climate, environmental surroundings and all the other factors that contribute to an ancient place. Only if you felt hurrican-force winds in North Scotland or the incredible humidity in the jungle of Mexico one can appreciate and understand what our ancient ancestors have built.

For me archaeology is more then measuring rocks or cataloging buildings. I'm convienced that the big mysteries of the world aren't located were they are out of pure coincidence. The ancient people had a plan and maybe help from somebody else. That's why I want to encourage you to actively travel to the ancient sites, see them for yourself and draw your own conclusions. There is nothing more rewarding then that. And if your wallet or timetable is not allowing you to travel, investigate in the area you live in. Maybe you will be surprised with what you find.

But you shouldn't go unprepared. Here a few things I have in my travel bag to conduct my own research.
Being a photographer by trade (check out my website I focus more on the photographic gear.

Nikon D600

Photographic Equipment
Computer, software and other Hardware gear