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Sillustani is located near the town of Puno on Lake Titicaca. This site is widely unknown, but extremely interesting. One can see megalithic structures, stone circles and different construction techniques. It is also beautifully located on a table mountain.

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Sillustani during our 2009 trip. Photograph by Beth Eisengruber..

Even if you are not into archeology, you will love Sillstani. The landscape is stunning!
The Inca here took over a unique and - even back then - ancient tradition of an older people. Burial towers. In Sillustani you can see the only burial towers in Peru. The older style burial towers are easy to make out. The Inca's unique building technique is easy to spot.
Here is something 99% of the tourists don't even look at. Stonecircles! Yes, just like the ones in England and other places around the world.
But not only stonecircles are a bridge to an even older past. There are also menhirs just like the ones in ancient France etc. Obviously the Inca built here on an age old ancient megalithic site.
Quite remarkable are also those entrances to an underground chamber system. But nobody seems to care. If you ask a guide about them, they just ignore the questions... What else could there be found in the ground?
I always say: "Follow the ancients and you will automatically get to the most beautiful places on the planet!"