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Sego Canyon, Utah, USA

Hidden away in the Sego Canyon in Utah are some of the most intriguing - especially for the Ancient Astronaut Theory - rock paintings in the world.
The viewer is standing in front of images of beings from another world! The depicted beings could be any more strange.
It's interesting that there are three different distingt styles of drawings that are all from different time periods. Weirdly enough the oldest is the most abstract. This is strange because everywhere in the world art started naturalistic and turned abstract later. Or maybe the abstract art is not abstract at all. Maybe the artist(s) drew EXACTLY what they saw?

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A fantastic panel! All of the figurines have big unnatural eyes, some sort of antennae, broad shoulders and no lower body or legs.

The bodies of the depicted beings not only have no lower half of the body, but are also elongated. There is a bootom line to the explanation of the official archaeology and this bottom line is simple: The artists were Shamans, which in short means they drew them while under the influence of mind altering drugs. Yes, that's right, in short they were high or drunk. The drawings are basically their hallucinations.
This explanation is wrong! Why am I so sure about this? The human like figures that I described above are all painted in this weird way, while animals, sheep, goats, snakes etc. are all drawn in the anatomical correct way. Strange isn't it? Selective hallucinations!
Would the artist(s) have been under the influnce of mind altering drugs, wouldn't everything have been depicted in this odd and unusal way?

Here is an example of what I mean:

How many humans do you know that have a square head and now lower body? Even in a trance or hallucination heads are not square.
The depicted figure have an "aura" of being strange and "otherwordly". I believe that the artists drew exactly what they have seen. They saw strange beings in suits or technical gear from far away and couldn't see them very clearly. Maybe the beings have used some kind of vehicle, like a modern time Segway. This is just a speculation of course. Thinking out loud. If you look at a modern Segway going and you have no idea what you are looking at because you lack technical knowlegde, it indeed looks like the person has no legs... Food for tought.
Everywhere you look you can see weird beings with round helmets, antennae on top. Best examples for misunderstood technology. But all the beings have missing legs.
These drawings show beings with triangular bodies, heads without necks. What technologies did the natives see thousands of years ago?
Unfortunately those photos also shows the every present vandalism that can be found on all ancient sites.