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The ruins of Pisaq - visually stunning - are strategically located on a mountain that overlooks the holy valley of the Inca.

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After a 20 minute (I remember it exactly, because of the altitude you feel every step!) hike one reaches the main ruins of the Pisaq fortress.
The walls are built in tyical Inca style. Every stone is perfeclty fitted into the next.
But just like in any of the Inca sites I visited the "heart" of the structures are megalithic. Solid granit rock was cut like butter with a knife. Please check out the next images to see what I mean.
Like so many other ancient sites Pisaq is laid out astronomically. And like so often the explanation is that the Inca aligned their structures astronomically because the needed a calendar to determine when to sow and harvest...
I don't get it! Every farmer will tell you that you sow when the temperature is ok and you harvest when the crop is ripe. Furthermore the Inca - and all the ancient people with them - were much closer to nature as we are nowadays. I don't think they needed a calendar to tell what time of the year it was.