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Ollantaytambo is one of the most interesting site in the holy valley of the Inca. The so called "Sun Temple" is built in a unique way that can't be compared to any other Inca structure. If you look at the photos you will see that the temple is built with enormous megaliths.

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The temple itself is built with impressive megaliths weighing several hundred tons.

The this photo give you a good overview over the intire temple area. You can see  that everything is built on a relatively small plattform. You can also see that the site was not finished. Huge megalithic blocks are lying abandoned on the plattforms and walkways. It seems that everything was left in a hurry. In my opinion this photo also proofs that Ollantaytambo wasn't built with the thousands of workers that the archaeologists claim. Scroll down to see a little visual experiment that I created.
On the next two images you can see two blocks that are very reminiscent of the building techniques used in Puma Punku in Tiahuanaco. Razor-sharp edges and polished granit with strange grooves and cut-outs. Even stranger is that stones like these are almost always deliberately destroyed to the point that they are making no sense whatsoever in the greater context of the other buildings. 

Was it possible for thousands of workers to build the structures up here? - A visual experiment:

Ollantaytambo 1

What makes this photo interesting is the fact that it shows a good overview of the megalithic temple of Olantaytambo. You can see the huge stones marked in red. Those are the stones archeologists think hundreds and thousands of workers dragged up the mountain to its current location. What's interesting for now is the group of tourists that stand on the left side of the photo.

Olantaytambo 2

Just count the number of people that stand there. If you counted 16, you are correct. Now we do a little quick and dirty Photoshop magic. The next photo shows the group of 16 people cloned 6 times and spread all over the temple area. That's 16x6=96 people.


It starts to look crowded, doesn't it? Now imagine multiplying those people by 5 and then doubling them again. Then you have 1000 workers. Those numbers of workers are needed to drag the blocks up the hill. It just does not work, there isn't enough space on the platform for that many people. Let alone hard working ones. And you don't have to be a Professor to figure this one out! You just have to go there and look for yourself.

Why has nobody ever pointed that out? Well a somebody smart wrote it in a book. So it has to be right...