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The Dolmen on "Kidston-Lake"

GPS-Coordinates: (WGS84)
N 44.35,939
W 063.37,300

This Dolmen is close to the City of Halifax on a lake. About two kilometers away is another Dolmen calles the Roachs Pond Dolmen

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This photo shows Kidston-Lake, near Halifax. The arrow points to the approximate location of the dolmen. The dolmen rests on a natural plattform. It's about a 15 minute walk from a nearby development.
Update 2009: The future of the dolmen is in jeopardy as developing companies are buying the land around it. I expect the dolmen to be destroyed within then next 10 years, especially as archaeologists steadfastly refuse to acknoledge that the dolmen is man made. Is there a connection? Nah - that's just a conspiracy theory...
Like most of the Dolmens in Nova Scotia, the big roof stone rests on three smaller base stones. I visited the Dolmen with a Geologist that was my "advesary" on the 5 minute CBC TV presentation. He identified the type of rocks for me. The roof stone and the two bigger base stones are granit, the small base stone is a field stone.
This is the biggest of the base stones. Note that the pointy end of the stone is on the bottom. The same is true for the slightly smaller stone in the next photo.
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Here a shot of the smaller base stone. Like its bigger college it points downwards. The reason I'm pointing this out is that it is physically extremely unlikely that this happens in a natural way.
The diagonal I marked in red marks the longest side of the Dolmen. It measures 3.70m. This diagonal axis is aligned exactly in North-South direction just like the Sibley Rock
The arrangement of the Dolmen on the sloped plattform and the different size base stones results in an angle that makes observing the sky possible if a person stands on the north side of the Dolmen.
{short description of image} Here the size of the Dolmen in relation to a person.
This large rock lies 43m away from the dolmen. It rests on a plattform 7m above the dolmen extremely close to the edge of the plattform (see next image)
I'm convinced that this boulder sits where it sits because it was placed by human hand. It was used along with the dolmen for astronomical observations. And here is why:
Kidston Dolmen Illustration Please click on the graphic on the left. A new window will open.
The Dolmen lies on a axis of 132 degrees SSE. If you stand at the main dolmen and look in the direction of the placed rock that I mentioned above, the sun rose in the year 3000BC right over the placed stone during the winter solstice.
Please compare the similarities to the "Big Hill Dolmen".
On the left a group shot during the shooting of the CBC TV segment.